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Evelyn Community Store currently helps over 100 families in Deptford, London. Due to a huge increase in demand following COVID-19, the store is in urgent need of your help and support.

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We are raising funds to help the Evelyn Community Store, which provides essentials such as food and toiletries to local families. Created to support residents from the Evelyn Estate on low incomes, the store operates on a membership basis at a cost of £3.50 a week. In return, its members are provided with approximately £30 of food and groceries.

The store is currently struggling due to the effects of COVID-19. Although partnered with national organisation FareShare, it still needs private support and donations. Monetary contributions are greatly appreciated at this time of need.
These will go directly towards helping the store - which is run entirely by volunteers - to provide essentials to those in need.

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Donate food

The store is partnered with FareShare, a charity that collects surplus goods from supermarkets and delivers to food banks and community stores. COVID-19 has led to mass panic buying. This has led to dramatic effects on the amount of supplies provided by FareShare.

The store is therefore in serious need of donations when it comes to provisions. All contributions are welcome, including soup, tinned beans, pulses, spaghetti, cereals, rice, pasta, as well as toiletries.

The store means so much to its community, and we want to give a massive thank you to everyone who has reached out so far. With your support, we can continue to help those who need it most at this incredi-bly challenging time.

Evelyn Community Store is volunteer-run and partnered with FareShare, a national charity that re-distributes surplus quality food from supermarkets. However, due the COVID-19 the store is in urgent need of private support and donations. All contributions matter at this time of need, big or small.


The Mayor of Lewisham appointed three of Evelyn Community Stores volunteers as Lewishams new Mayoress! Christina Norman, Dawn Atkinson, Natasha Ricketts were all asked to accept the appointment as recognition for their volunteering and aims to tackle food poverty in Lewisham. Evelyn Community Store has been running for over 18mths and during Covid-19, membership numbers increased to over 100 families, equaliting to around 200 adults and 86 young people, this figure does not include young adults who are also living with their parents!

Damien Egan, Mayor of Lewisham said “The year has been the Year of the Volunteer and all three, Christina, Dawn and Natasha are a trio of inspiring women who have helped make sure 100s of families and vulnerable people have had food during lockdown. As a borough Lewisham has responded well to the challenges presented by coronavirus, but we have only been able to do that because of all the amazing volunteers who are helping us”

Margaret Dodwell, CEO at Lewisham Homes said ” The Evelyn Community Store has become an integral part of its community and the Mayor’s decision to pick Christina, Dawn and Natasha as Mayoresses goes a long way to highlight the importance of supportive local initiatives. They have dedicated so much of their time and effort to help the store what it is today and we couldn’t be prouder. Their Mayoress titles are more than deserved.”

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Evelyn Community Store is open to members on Tuesdays, from 2pm to 5pm. Food donations are welcome at any time on Tuesdays.
If you’re vulnerable, become a member and you could save up to £30 a week on household essentials, compared to buying from a supermarket.
We are currently at capacity for volunteers but can add you to a waiting list. The Community Store will be open on Tuesdays but will look to open up on other days once we have some more volunteers so we’d love to hear your availability.

Evelyn Community Centre
1 Kingfisher Square
Deptford, London, SE8 5TW

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